「THROUGH Ⅱ」では、雪をテーマとして徳永博子の「In The Forest」、「Mist」、「Contour Line」、「Focus」、「Bundle」の5作品に合わせて、雪が持つ様ざな表情や動きをDJI(ジャパンディスプレイ)が開発した「Rælclear」を使用して表現しています。

At this upcoming “THROUGH II” exhibit, which will be held once again at FICTION from December 8th of this year, they will be introducing their new “Rælclear" display monitor, which has evolved greatly over the last four years.

The THROUGH II exhibition will also include an art installation with a “YUKI” (snow) theme by HIROKO TOKUNAGA, a leader in Japan's next-generation art scene, as well as an interactive installation by AI engineer AKIRA SASAKI.



Date:December 8th to 17th, 2022

Hiroko Tokunaga - Artist

Yuusuke Fujikawa - Visual Artist

Rælclear : JDI

Kenji Yamagata : Cinematography



525 West 26th Street, 1st Floor New York, NY, 10001